Scripted Installation

The recommended way to obtain a copy of Microweber is from GitHub. That, of course, requires you to have git installed.

Get Microweber

One way to clone it is with this command:

git clone --depth 1 mw_site

That will make a shallow copy of the repository (only the latest version) in a directory caled mw_site.

With Composer

It's best to have composer installed (for Linux, OSX and Windows) for Microweber dependency management.

Then you can obtain the source and resolve dependencies (i.e. skip next step) with one command:

composer create-project microweber/microweber mw_site

Get Dependencies

Run composer install in the root directory of your installation. If everything goes smooth you are good to go.

Update Dependencies

In many cases you might want to be able update the code base with a single command. To acheive this just run composer update in the root directory of your installation.

Issues With Install/Update

In the real world things go wrong. If you run into problems while installing or upgrading Microweber you can see the troubleshoot guide or ask online. We're probably on the same sites as you.

The documentation is under development. Help us by editing this page.