mw.dialog(options: Object);


mw.Dialog instance


Option name Type Default value Description
title string n/a Displays title text on the top of the dialog
width number | 'auto' 600 Width of the dialog
height number | 'auto' 320 Height of the dialog
overlay boolean true whether or not dialog should have overlay
overlayClose boolean false whether or not dialog should close when overlay is clicked
autoCenter boolean true centeres dialog on each size modification or window resize
id string random string sets id for the root dialog element
content String, Node, jQuery Object n/a Sets content of the string
closeOnEscape boolean true Closes dialog when escape button is pressed on the keyboard
closeButton boolean true Shows/Hides default close button
closeButtonAppendTo Selector String '.mw-dialog-header' Dialog element into which default close button will be appended
closeButtonAction 'remove' | 'hide' 'remove' Action that should be executed when close button is clicked
draggable boolean true Makes the dialog draggable. Depends on jQuery UI ($.fn.draggable)
beforeRemove function undefined Defines function that will be executed before the dialog is closed


Method name Description
show() Shows hidden dialog instance
hide() Hides visible dialog instance
remove() Removes dialog instance
width(value) Sets width of dialog
height(value) Sets height of dialog
resize(width, height) Sets width & height of dialog
center() Centers dialog instance
content() Sets dialog content
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