Installation via Command Line

If you haveven't downloaded the zip file get it from here

You can also download Microweber via Composer

You can install Microweber directly from the command line interface. This may be useful in shell scripts that automate the site creation process.

Here's an example of what the command looks like:

php artisan microweber:install --username=admin --password=mypassword --db-name=storage/database.sqlite --db-password=nopass --db-driver=sqlite --db-prefix=site_ --template=new-world --default-content=1

This would initialize the Microweber database on localhost in database "sitedb" using user "root" with password "secret" for the connections. In case the database user doesn't have a password you can skip setting that argument (and also be ashamed of your attitude to security). All tables will be prefixed by "site". After the schema initialization an admin user will be created with credentials "admin"/"pass" and email "". All arguments until the database password are required and need to be present in that exact order.


Argument Description
email Admin account email
username Admin account username
password Admin account password
db-host Database host address
db-name Database schema name
db-username Database username
db-driver Database driver
db-password Database password (optional)
db-prefix Database table prefix (optional)
db-prefix Database table prefix (optional)
template Set the template name
default-content Set to install default content
config-only Set to prepare configuration without install
language Set the language of the install

Laravel Options:

Option Description
--help (-h) Display this help message.
--quiet (-q) Do not output any message.
--env The environment the command should run under.

Install Examples


php artisan microweber:install --username=admin --password=mypassword --db-name=storage/database.sqlite --db-password=nopass --db-driver=sqlite --db-prefix=site_ --template=new-world --default-content=1


php artisan microweber:install --username=admin --password=mypassword --db-host= --db-name=microweber --db-username=dbuser --db-password=dbpass --db-driver=mysql --db-prefix=site_ --template=new-world --default-content=1

Config only, and let user to complete the install from browser

To let the user complete the intall from browser and select a template you must pass the parameter --config-only=1 to the install script.

php artisan microweber:install --config-only=1 --username=admin --password=mypassword --db-name=storage/database.sqlite --db-password=nopass --db-driver=sqlite --db-prefix=site_ --template=new-world --default-content=1

Multi domain scripted installation

To make multi domain install you must create an empty folder within the config folder with the name of your domain and put empty file at config/

Then on the scriptted install you must pass the domain name as a --env parameter. For example:

php artisan microweber:install  --config-only=1 --username=admin --password=mypassword --db-name=storage/database.sqlite --db-password=nopass --db-driver=sqlite --db-prefix=site_ --template=new-world --default-content=1

Update command

php artisan microweber:update

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