Allows you to get data from ANY table in the database, and caches the result.




$content = db_get('table=content');

foreach ($content as $item) {
    print $item['id'];
    print $item['title'];
    print $item['url'];
    print $item['description'];
    print $item['content'];



You can pass parameters as string or as array. They can be field names in the database table defined with the table parameter.

parameter description usage
table the name of your database table db_get('table=content')
single if set to true will return only the 1st row as array db_get('table=content&id=5&single=true')
orderby you can order by any field name db_get('table=content&orderby=id desc')
count if set to true it will return the results count db_get('table=content&count=true')
limit set limit of the returned dataset, use "no_limit" to return all results db_get('table=content&limit=10')
page set offset of the returned dataset db_get('table=content&limit=10&page=2')
page_count returns the number of result pages db_get('table=content&limit=10&page_count=true')
$fieldname you can filter data by passing your fields as params db_get('table=some_table&my_field=value')
keyword if set it will search for keyword db_get('table=content&limit=10&keyword=my title')
nocache if set to true will skip caching the db result db_get('table=content&nocache=true')

Get everything

 //get 5 users
$users = db_get('table=users&limit=5');

//get next 5 users
$users = db_get('table=users&limit=5&page=2');

//get 5 categories
$categories = db_get('table=categories&limit=5');

//get 5 comments
$comments = db_get('table=comments&limit=5');
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