Returns the full name of the user


user_name($user_id = false, $mode = 'full');

By setting $mode you can get the user full name, first and last name and the username

By default user_name() tries to get the user full name. If its not found it returns the username. If the $user_id parameter is false the function will work with the current user info.


//get full name of the current user
$user_name = user_name();
// returns John Doe 

$user_name = user_name($user_id = false, $mode = 'first');
// returns John

//get the username of some user by id
$user_name = user_name(3, $mode = 'username');
// returns johndoe12


parameter description
user_id the id of user, if its false it will use the current user id
mode what part of the user-name to return, possible values are "username", "full", "first", "last"
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