Get any kind of content from your site



The get_content() function is used in Microweber to get the pages and posts from the database and return them as array.

Using it you can filter the content by criteria and access all data releated to it.

It takes a array or sting as parameter and returns the database records for the content.

By default get_content() works with predefined content types such as "page" and "post", but you can use it to get any custom content type.

Return Values

Array with the post data or false if the no results are found


$content = get_content();

foreach ($content as $item) {
    print "Title: " . $item['title']."</br>";
    print "The id is " . $item['id']."</br>";
    print "Link: " . $item['url']."</br>";
    print "Description: " . $item['description']."</br>";
    print "Date created: " . $item['created_at']."</br>";
    // print_r($item);


You can pass parameters as string or as array. Those parameters are with the same names as the fields in the content database table.

key value
id the id of the content
parent the parent content id
content_type Type of the content. Supported values are page,post,product or anything custom
subtype Subtype of the content
url the link to the content
title The html content saved in the database
description Description used for the content list
content The html content saved in the database
position The order position
created_by The id of the user that created the content
created_at The date of creation, supported values are any strtotime compatible date
updated_at The date of last update, supported values are any strtotime compatible date
is_active flag for published or unpublished, default is 1 or n
is_deleted flag for deleted content, values are 0 or 1
is_home flag for homepage, values are 0 or 1
is_shop flag for shop page, values are 0 or 1
require_login flag to display the content only for logged users, values are 0 or 1
category id for category
Parameters as string
    $content = get_content("is_active=1");
Parameters as array
    $params =  array("is_active"=>1);
    $content = get_content($params);

Basic example

//get 10 recent posts 
$params = array(
    'limit' => 10, 
    'order_by' => 'created_at desc',
    'content_type' => 'post', 
    'subtype' => 'post', 
    'is_active' => 1

$recent_posts = get_content($params);

print "<ul>";
    foreach ($recent_posts as $item) {
        print "<li><a href=".$item['url'].">" . $item['title']."</a></li>";
print "</ul>";

Get posts or products

//get posts
$posts = get_content('content_type=post&subtype=post&limit=3');

//get products
$products = get_content('content_type=post&subtype=product');

Get by parent or category

//get only main pages
$pages = get_content('content_type=page&parent=0');

//get posts with a parent page 
$posts = get_content('content_type=post&parent=2');

//get posts from category 
$posts_from_category = get_content('content_type=post&category=1');

Limit and paging

 //get 5 posts
$posts = get_content('content_type=post&limit=5');

//get next 5 posts
$posts = get_content('content_type=post&limit=5&page=2');

Order by any DB field

 //get the top pages 
$pages = get_content('content_type=page&order_by=position desc');

//get last edited posts
$last_edited_posts = get_content('content_type=post&order_by=updated_at desc');

Filter by any field

//get posts with title
$search_for_posts = get_content('content_type=post&title=My post');

//search pages with keyword
$search_for_posts = get_content('content_type=page&keyword=About us');
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